This the final Master Thesis project, realised in 2016.

According to many scientists, we´re living in a new epoch: the age of human, also known as the „THE ANTHROPOCENE“.
The anthropocene age is mainly dominated by human caused environmental changes and its resulting ecological issues. Yet, we´re are not certain HOW our life will change in this epoch – but we´re sure THAT it will change.
I wanted to find out how the field of design will be affected? And how can it react to theses future challenges? Can it contribute to a positive change?

Based on Viktor Papanek´s „Design for the real world“, I supported the theory that interdisciplinary collaborations between the field of science and design can lead to real solutions for a better future.

So, I started collaborating with scientists in several different ways and joined many expeditions.

All my research, case studies and results were summarized in a final publication with the title : Design in the Anthropocene

The two years of my master´s degree were comparable with a long journey – literally.
To showcase all my research, case studies, expedition experiences, I decided to create two book publications with selfmade illustrations.

The first book is kind of a journal which is divided into two parts :

1. Theoretical research about the Anthropocene age and showcasing the ecological challenges (focusing on plastic pollution).

2. Exploring the possibilities of interdisciplinary collaborations between the field of science and design, in order to find solutions for the ecological challenges.
Showcasing the case studies, including the methodologies, research expeditions and results.

The second book summarizes all the pictures I collected during my research expeditions from the North Atlantic Gyre to the Himalaya. It can be understood as a photojournalistic publication of the current state of the anthropocene world.